There are soo many things we could say about Ike, he could have his own book. We were honored to have had the chance to get to know this amazing guy. It warms our hearts knowing that he was safe and loved until his final days.


Sparky and Ike came to us in 2018 as an experienced team that had spent many years together already. They were a pleasure to work with and handle, always. They loved meeting new people and getting all the attention wherever they went. It was only fair that after all their years of making others happy we granted them the same favor. They have forever earned a place in our hearts so we could never part with them. We decided in 2019 to let them have the retirement they'd earned. They remained together until Ike's final days, enjoying the shade under the trees and grazing the green pastures. They were the team of a lifetime and we are honored to have here with us.


Sparky joined our family in 2018. He taught us many things about driving and horses, that we will be forever grateful for. Now in his golden years he has earned a place in our hearts and our pastures to enjoy his retirement and the remainder of his days. 

His favorite treats are still carrots, apples, and a good scratch on his chest. 


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Turlock, CA, USA

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